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The Law of Mothers

“My son, keep your father’s command and do not forsake your mother’s teaching. Bind them always on your heart; fasten them around your neck. When you walk, they will guide you; when you sleep, they will watch over you; when you awake, they will speak to you. For this command is a lamp, this teaching is a light, and correction and instruction are the way to life, keeping you from your neighbor’s wife, from the smooth talk of a wayward woman.”

Proverbs 6:20-24 (New International Version)

In these verses from the book of Proverbs, the author imparts wise instruction to a son, emphasizing the importance of honoring and cherishing the guidance of both his father and mother. The son is encouraged to keep his father’s commandments and not to neglect the teachings of his mother.

The passage metaphorically suggests that the son should bind his father’s commandments and his mother’s teachings to his heart, as if they were precious ornaments worn around his neck. By doing so, he will be guided and protected in every aspect of his life.

The son is assured that these teachings will accompany him throughout his journey—whether he walks, sleeps, or wakes up. The wisdom he receives from his parents will serve as a constant source of guidance and correction, illuminating his path like a lamp and a light.

The passage emphasizes that the commandments and teachings are not burdensome restrictions but rather the way to life. By adhering to these instructions, the son is encouraged to resist the temptations of an adulterous woman and the seductive allure of wayward individuals. Following this guidance will protect him from harm and lead him to a fulfilling and righteous life.

Overall, Proverbs 6:20-24 highlights the importance of honoring parental wisdom and the value of adhering to moral teachings. It encourages individuals to embrace correction and instruction as a means to navigate life’s challenges, avoid harmful influences, and ultimately find the path that leads to a fruitful and virtuous existence.

No woman becomes a mother without becoming a silent ruler. Every mother is a silent ruler because men are the visible rulers. Every ruler has a rod. Without a rod, you can’t be a ruler. Fathers command while mothers rule. Do you know that as you grew up, it’s only fathers that was feared? We follow what fathers say so that they won’t be angry with us. There’s a silent rule of the mother towards her children.

Fathers are not always the problem of God. It’s easy for a man to be deceived and the woman still won’t be deceived but a man can easily be deceived if the wife is deceived. Ezekiel 19:10-14, this was a lamentation from a prophet in Israel. When the women’s strong rod was broken, they couldn’t rule. If this rod is entrusted unto the mighty hands of God, God will use it to rule and guide your home but if it enters the wrong hand, a lot will be damaged in your family.
During Isaac’s time, Rebecca was ruling but her leadership produced a damaged life in the life of Jacob. When Esau came back from hunting, he pleaded with Jacob to give him food but he demanded for his birthright. Jacob learnt this deception from his mother. Rebecca’s tribe are known for deceptive lifestyle. Isaac loved Esau because of the pepper soup but for Rebecca who loved Jacob, her reasons wasn’t known.

In Genesis 25:25 while Rebecca was pregnant, due to the constant stomach ache she inquired what’s the problem and she was told that the younger will be the head while the elder will serve the younger. Due to this, she loved her younger child. She ruled with a dangerous rod. Her laws formed character in Jacob. Even while he went out, he continued with this deceptive lifestyle. This training started from the mother.
That I am a man of God with a good heart today, all started from the mother that gave birth to me. Without minding that I am from a polygamous family, my mother taught me how to accommodate others without harming them. That’s why I can accommodate a stranger in my home and call the person daughter or son.
What will make Rebecca to deceive Isaac and Esau? If not for contest to be called a winner. There are some women that the husband might slap and once they see their children, they will pretend as if nothing happened. But for others, they will cry so that their children will see what their father did.
Mothers know it, that the work you are doing is special and your reward is waiting for you. Don’t struggle for relevance so that you won’t put your family into trouble. It is more easy for a mother to indoctrinate a law into her children than the father to do so. A Man can build a house but it’s the Woman that will make it a home – Proverbs 21:19.

A man can have divided children because of different mothers, but a woman can hardly have divided children because of different fathers. The mothers have power. Utilize it well in order not to suffer tomorrow. Even as a child that grew up from a polygamous family, I don’t discriminate rather I accommodate everybody.
The woman has the power of law while men has the power of command. The father is like the president while the woman is like Senate where law is being made. Men wants peace of mind. This peace of mind can only be given to the man at home. Even if the man gets a side chicken, that pleasure is for a moment. After staying with side chick, the reality will dawn on him.

A woman should give the husband peace of mind. When the woman start giving the man problem, the man will give way because men doesn’t want to be impeached. The greatest blessing a man can have is to always desiring to go home and meet his wife. A woman that’s contented.
Men’s power is high while the woman’s power is under. If the woman allow the devil to penetrate her, she will scatter her home. The mothers should go back to their original purpose of God for them. Future mothers plan on this in order to build your homes.

Jacob’s destiny was murdered if not for that Angel that met him, he would have lost out from the original plan of God for his life. All these children that are heartless, that can even stab someone with a broken bottle, check back and you will see that it’s from the mother.
If you want to insult someone and your children are their, please don’t do it. If your children are their don’t insult your husband so that one day, your daughter won’t insult her husband. Men don’t slap or beat your wives in the presence of your children so that the boys won’t do that to their wives tomorrow.
A woman that doesn’t treat another child that is not from her womb as her own is heartless. That person that God sends to you to nurse, take care of that child as if they are your own. Become a mother that develops special values for her children both outsiders, husband and everyone else.
God designed women to be duplicators and preservers.

*May God reward all mothers and bless them for their labour over their children.

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    Having gone through the write-ups, it’s philosophical and morally worth to be disseminated to all; for spiritual growth.

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