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There’s something you should know about creation, God is the supreme creator but God is not the only creator. The power and the ability of creation is in the word. Man has access in the word to become creators like Him. If not, God won’t give man access to the word. The word wouldn’t have been with us if we’re not expected to use it.

Genesis 1:1-3, John 1:1-4.

Hence, the word was with God and the word is God. If the word is in you, you’re a small/junior creator like God. That’s why you can stand on the word and speak something or say something. When God said, let there be light, God saw it coming to pass. You will start seeing it even as you say it. If the word is not in what you’re saying, then you’re talking. Talking and speaking are not the same. Though, you do both from your mouth.
You talk to open a discussion but you speak to address. Today, people are talking about their problems without speaking. Talking doesn’t disrupt or harm the devil except speaking.
When you speak, you’re involving your spirit whereas talking is involving your mind. We have a talking generation but not a speaking generation. The other generation were speaking. When you want to address any situation of life, you speak to it. Moses went to Pharaoh to speak to him and not talk.
2Corinthians 4:13 says I believe and I speak. You speak by belief but you talk by reasoning. That’s why speaking is of power. God didn’t talk to the darkness, wind or formless earth to Change. God spoke for light to come forth and there was light.

At times, we’re afraid of speaking because we’re afraid to speak without it being done. We are to speak if we believe. Real speaking comes out of belief. Not everyone who is speaking is really speaking. If what you’re speaking is not connected to the word above, it can’t be carried out. Every spoken word is a moving force.
Speak when you believe in order to see it happening. There are many things we think are impossible before us but there’s nothing impossible with God. One needs the right connection for the enforcement. For upliftments, fruitfulness, promotion, you should speak.
God took Ezekiel to a valley of dry bones. Ezekiel saw dried bones and God asked Ezekiel if the bones will rise again? Ezekiel answered that it’s only God that knows. God gave Ezekiel the word for the rising of the bones. The first duty, is for Ezekiel to speak to the bones with the word God gave him. Ezekiel wasn’t speaking out of his brain or academic exercise, he spoke out of the word God gave him, then the bones began to move. Things began to change. Shattered life and destinies came back to life. As he continued to speak, the valley of dry bones became a valley of armies. Ezekiel still told God that there’s no flesh and that they are not moving. God told Ezekiel to speak again. Ezekiel spoke again and flesh came upon the bones. But still there was no strength or breathe in them. Ezekiel was asked to speak again, he spoke and as he was speaking, life came upon them.
Speak it and you will see it. For you have become a junior creator because the word of creation is living in you. Words can’t become anything unless they are declared.

If a word is not declared, it can’t be a force. That word God spoke was with God but it was not doing anything until when God declared it. If you don’t declare it, it won’t become a force. Some today have the word but the word hasn’t been declared into force. That’s why the word is like it’s not doing anything in your life now because it’s not declared. If you fail to speak it into force, it will remain as if it’s not existing.
God calls things that be not, as if they were. Where was the light when God called the light? The light was in the word. But it can become light only when you speak in that direction. John 1:15, the word also became flesh and dwelt in us. The word can become a baby boy, breakthrough, advancement, multiplication, victory, success.

The word became light when it was declared. Receive the word and declare it so that it can become what you’re desiring it to be. If God didn’t say let there be light, it would still be darkness. The bones were still bones until the time Ezekiel began to speak. God is able to do all things. He has the ability to do it. God can change anything overnight for anybody. Matthew 21:18, Jesus wanted to eat from a tree but the tree has no fruit on it. It was cursed by Jesus. The disciples told Jesus that the tree He spoke to, has dried up. Jesus told them that they can do so. When Joshua was fighting the enemies, Joshua spoke to the sun and the moon. Everything stood still.
With the word of God living inside of you, you have the power to speak and it will come to pass.

*I believe in You Lord Jesus

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