Sunday , June 23 2024
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    Sunday 18th June 2023.

    TEXT: John 8:37-44.
    TOPIC: Mystery of Fatherhood.

    Fathering children is not difficult unlike fathering wives, which is a bigger task. Without grace, one can’t live up to it. That’s why we have crisis because often times we claim right saying that we’re the father of this house. The failure if many families can sometimes fall into the failure of fatherhood.
    Eve is blamed a lot because she first ate the fruit without considering the inadequacy of Adam. If Adam have fathered Eve, she wouldn’t have touched the fruit. The Satan didn’t go for Adam because there wasn’t much loophole. Devil went to Eve because of the nature. The nature they want to be spoken to.
    The need to speak to a woman is necessary and without the right person speaking to her, she wouldn’t mind listening to the wrong person.
    To Eve, the right person stopped communicating to her. A man can communicate with himself right in his head but a woman can’t. At times you will see her asking you if you’re angry. This communication is a need in her and that’s why men should be giving their wives attention.
    In discipleship, we have a goal to raise godly families that’s filled with joy and hope where children will be exposed to the right values while they are growing.
    This Father’s day celebration started in America where a young lady initiated the idea. Fathers’ are like being forgotten. They’re not celebrated as they should. That’s why somebody’s child will put to birth and the mother will go for omugwo. While that woman is coming back, she will be given only schnapp for the man.
    Every 3rd Sunday of June is father’s Sunday worldwide and I am happy because we have glorious fathers’ in Mountolive.
    In Fatherhood what is heavier and what matters most is not who you’re fathering but what you’re fathering. You can actually lose who you’re fathering by what you’re fathering. So, over the years we have not looked at the angle of what we’re fathering rather the who aspect. What is underlining and heavy is what you’re fathering. I know you’re fathering somebody. Even if you don’t have your own children but you have the people who are looking up to you for something.
    What you’re fathering as a father determines your fatherhood. While Jesus was telling them that whoever the son sets free is free indeed, they got angry and sought to kill Him. They thought they were Abraham’s children but they were Satan’s children. Satan became their father because of what he’s fathering. For over the years, Satan have fathered lies. Lie have become powerful because literally everybody lies. Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t need you to know him. Hence, he has fathered something by what he created.
    There’s technical and blatant lie. Abraham told a technical lie to evict danger. Later Isaac lied and Jacob followed as well.
    The man David became a man after God’s heart. He was a priest, prophet, singer, king and a psalmist. He was Solomon’s father and he also fathered immorality. While Solomon was growing, the immorality was also transferred to him. That even with 700 legal wives yet, he had 300 side chicks. If he were to live longer, he would have gotten more side chicks. Many of you here should be careful of what you father.
    Fatherhood is a source. The values, norms and ways should be what your children should adapt to. David went after one side chick but Solomon went after 300. You that wants to chill with one bottle of beer, be careful so that your children won’t go after so many bottles. I always see my father jerking with snuff (utaba) and when I wanted to jerk, someone introduced me to cigarette. If I have continued, I wouldn’t have been here because I might have died of deadly disease related to smoking.
    Any value you instill by fathering doesn’t die off. The one instilled by learning takes grace to remain. That’s why a man that abuses his wife, the male sons usually takes after him. What are you fathering? Do you slap your wife in front of your children? Do you call her names thinking that you’re doing okanga without knowing that you’re destroying your home?
    Abraham entered faith and he began to father faith. Today, he became the first man to obey God in wanting to kill his son just like God killed His son for us. What you father can make you father of nations. What kind of life are you fathering? What do you want people to pick from you as they come close? We’re not talking about men that will impregnate women without marrying them. We’re talking about men that when they’re seen, lives will be transformed.

    *Pray to God to help you father the right thing. If you’re fathering any bad character just like David, ask God to help you to father the right thing. Pray to be a father of genuine character and values.

    *It bothers me so much that Solomon learnt how to love God from his father. Even the sacrifices, he got that. He also got the immoral life of his father.
    Pray that God will help you to be a good father.